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Dies Natalis FBS 2013

Hey guys, how are you?  Do you know what was going on in our faculty recently?  It was the celebration of Dies Natalis FBS 2013.  The event was held for 2 days from April 30th to May 1st.  Are you wondering what were really there? Let’s check it out!

During April 30th, there was “Pentas Macapatan Serat Endra Retna”.  This is some short of Javanese traditional song performances and it is the opening of the Dies Natalis itself.  The agenda were started from 07.00 pm until 09.30 pm.  First, it started on Tuesday night. Actually, not all of the FBS members knew this first agenda especially the students. Some of them didn’t know that there was an agenda in Tuesday night, and some of them knew there was an agenda, but they didn’t really know clearly what kind of agenda it is. It needs more socialization to tell all of the FBS members.

So, it was a ‘Pentas Macapatan’ that had been performed by the students of Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah.  Macapat is a kind of Javanese poem that is performed through some chorus and sounds like singing. Macapat only has 11 kinds of chorus on the poem. The main title of the macapat song was Serat EndraRetna.

The event started at 7 p.m. by singing some Javanese songs. It performed by the students of Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah. The main song that has been performed was Yogyakarta Istimewa. This song is talking about Yogyakarta’s government, UNY and especially FBS.

Then, the agenda was speech from the Chief of the Committee and the Dean of FBS, Prof. Dr. Zamzani, M.Pd. They gave the speech by Javanese language. For the newbie of Javanese Language, it would be so hard to understand. They talked inbahasa krama inggil’ or the most formal language in Java.
The main agenda was singing macapat. The three first songs were sung by the Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah students. They sang it very well because the enthusiasm that showed by the audiences. Then the next songs could be sung by the audiences. The audiences that had  been participated in this agenda are the lecturers and students of Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah; and the invitees.

The main interesting thing that we get from this event is we know about the culture of Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. Wanna know what is the audience thinking about this first event? Here it is :
Dian Inggar – Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah
I’m very happy, cause our material that we get in class can be performed. We’ve been learning how to macapatan for years, but we rarely perform it in the big event like this. This kind of event should be held every years so we, not only the Pendidikan Bahasa Daerah students but all the students, know about out kind of local culture. The only thing that make me disappointed is the less audiences from other departments students and from other universities. I think maybe they don’t know, because the socialization and publication to the students is not enough.
Rony K. – Indonesian Language and Literature Education 2011
This is very amazing event. This event shows all of the kearifan lokal of Yogyakarta that we rarely see for these days lately. We are showed the kind of culture in Java, especially macapatan. Besides it, we are given the local foods by the committee, so our friends, students from FBS, UNY or even from another university, know about Javanese’s cultures aren’t so limited like almost all teenagers think nowdays. Maybe for the next event, there are some contains of the agenda that should be improved. It could be given the other kind of culturals like Jathilan, Wayangan, Kethoprak, and so on, ‘cause we have so many facility and place to improve our creativity but haven’t used very well yet. That’s why we should ‘Think Globally, Act Locally, Unlimited Creativity’! We should improve our creativity bit a bit by having the broad minded, but don’t forget to our own culture!

Well, the “Pentas Macapatan Serat Endra Retna” was very interesting but you got to see the main event on May 1st at 09.30 am till 01.00 pm since this is the peak and ceremonial part of the event.  The event was opened by speech from first vice-dean Mrs Widyastuti Purbani, followed by contemplation of our faculty progresses which were delivered by Prof. Dr. Suminto Sayuti, Prof. dr. Zamzani, M.Pd., and ex-dean of FBS 1992-1993.  The summary of the contemplation itself is about the great improvement of the FBS most notably are the facilities and academic achievements. Aside from the contemplation itself, there were stands of every single educational programs around the place, musical, poetry, and dance performances, and free snacks and meal for guest including lecturers and students!  Those surely made the event no less interesting than the “Pentas Macapatan”.
One of the interviewee, Mrs. Yuniar from English Education said,
"This kind of event is gravely important.  It might be “hindering” the lecture progresses but it has many good sides that must not be overlooked.  We must not forget who we were and where we were came from.  She also stated that we should admire and grateful to our Almighty God of how beautiful is cultural diversities in our nation which are presented in the event."

Taufiq and Bethsa

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