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OPEN RECRUITMENT EFF CREW 2015 is coming~~~~
We are seeking to fill positions in EFF committee. 
See the positions needed and let's contribute yourself!!!!!!!

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(May 6, 2015 at Cine Club, C15, FBS)

It is clear from the name of the event. You have purposes in life, saving somebody's life by donating 350cc of your blood would be one of them;)


(May 7, in front of PKM FBS)

This one marvelous event is hosted by Edsacoustic. They're inviting the former Edsacoustic members from the year of 2009 and other acoustic groups all around FBS! This year's theme is "Romantic Sunset for Fraternity" which means all the performers will sing a few hits romantic songs from their year. Come and witness the romantic sunset with Edsacoustic!:D


(May 22, 2015 at Cine Club, C15, FBS)

Who loves watching movies?:D If you wanna know how a movie can be so addicting, you can attend this event! They will screen & discuss "The Blind Side" (starring Sandra Bullock) at May 22, 2015!


(May 29, 2015 at Stage Tari Pendopo Tedjokusumo, FBS)

My oh my, who doesn't know Relung Theatre?:D They will adapt W.S Rendra's "Los Bagados de Los Pencos"! Coming this May 29, 2015 at Stage Tari Pendopo Tedjokusumo:D

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Dialog Jurusan 2015

Dialog Jurusan: The influences of alteration in academic curriculum 2014 towards all students of English Education Department

  On Monday,April 13th 2015 Human Resources Development Division (HRDD) EDSA held one of their projects in this year: “Dialog Jurusan”. This seminar took place at the 3rd floorof PLA building. The theme of Dialog Jurusan this year is “The Alteration in Academic Curriculum 2014 Towards All Student of English Education Department”
 Baihaqi Adi Utama (left) Chief of English Department Student Association with Mr. Samsul Maarif (right) Head of English Department 
       The speakers of this topic were Mrs. Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Mr. Samsul Maarif, M.A. and Mr. Rachmat Nurcahyo, M.A. Each of them  gave different speeches.The first topic was delivered by Prof. Madya explained why the curriculum changed and the comparison between the previous and the last curriculum, while Mr. Samsul explained that Curriculum still changed to reach the best, and Mr. Rahmat was more concerned about understanding the academic regulation.

        The event itself was attended up to eighty students. As the time passed,many sudents left the seminar room due the midtest in their classes. In the end, the moderator, Asa Adetya concluded “Curriculum changed not only to respond to the demands of the university, but also International needs. Curriculum will continue to be evaluated and developed as the the time changes in order to get the best output.

Selasa, 07 April 2015


Picture taken from www.imdb.com

EDSA's English Movie Appreciation Community (EMAC) had held its routine agenda, movie screening, on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 at the hall of PKM building, started from 7pm to 10pm. The movie screened was an Oscar's winning movie, The Imitation Game. 

The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, was a biographical movie of Alan Turing, an English mathematician who encrypted the codes from Nazi in the World War II which was behind a machine called Enigma to end the war. Alan (Benedict Cumberbatch) was not alone in the process. He cooperated with four other mathematicians. He was considered strange and arrogant at first, but they got along after Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley), the only female member of the team, taught him how to socialize. Alan made a machine which was named after his dearest dead friend, Christopher to help them crack the codes. The machine is now commonly known as computer. 

The movie screening was attended by fifteen people. However, as it was getting late, there were only eight people left in the room for the discussion. We sat in a circle and discussed from how the movie was, the conflicts, to the moral values of the movie. A member of EMAC, Ahmada K. Fatih asked a question that triggered the discussion, "What kind of people are normal people? How do you perceive normal?" The head of EMAC, Yogie Arifin, answered that the word 'normal' itself was formed from the word 'norm'. Hence, normal people are the ones that always follow the rules. He continued, "It depends on our surroundings. For example, If you are gay in a group of gay people, then you are to be called normal." "So, it is as if we are so much defined by the society." Ahmada then concluded. 

The members of the discussion agreed that the movie had taught them to think differently, to live out of the comfort zone, focus on their goal, and to brace themselves to be different, for being different is a way to make a change. Also, they have learned from the anti-social Alan Turing that, we can never live this quizzical, troublesome life individually. "Problems sharing may lead to knowledge gaining," Kharisma Setyawan commented.

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Head : Baihaqi Adi Utama
Vice                : Kharisma Setyawan
Secretary : Ambar Fidianingsih
Treasurer         : Amalia Uswatun Khasanah

1st Division (Applied English Development Division)
Head of Division : Rida Maretiani
Expert Staffs :
1. Ajeng Carmelita Putri
2. Wildan Faza
Staffs :
1. Aprilia Annisa Sanie
2. Dinnya Soca Dayinta
3. Fathimah Nur Addini
4. Farikha Sukrotun Nikmah
5. Hanifahtya Eka Putri
6. Inggi Wantalangi
7. Milladia Mustika Pridarani
8. Panca Ratna Ariani
9. Ridha Nur Aisyi

2nd Division (Human Resource Development Division)
Head of Division : Nanda Rizky Fitri Anisah
Expert Staffs :
1. Dian Nugraheni
2. Moh Imawan Helmi
3. Salvi Hidayah
4. Wardania Dewi F.C.
Staffs :
1. Andri Prabowo
2. Asa Adetya Pamungkas
3. Dea Dwi Novita
4. Diana Fitri Widiyani
5. Irene Rache Geraldine
6. Kharisma Wahyu Pradana
7. Mutia Syarifah Azma
8. Okta Lesagia
9. Rejiv Agung Prakas
10. Ulfi Ariana Indah Sari

3rd Division(Division of Library, Information, and Technology)
Head of Division : Devi Anisa Jekti
Expert Staffs :
1. Candra Ardianto
2. Muvida Aulia Rahman
3. Tria Dewi Kartika
Staffs :
1. Ade Cahya Ramadhan
2. Citra Fatikha Ramadhan
3. Dela Aditya Paramita
4. Dimas Hatta Arramadhan
5. Fany Ratnawati Podomi
6. Lalita Andaru
7. Wita Wulandari
8. Yunisda Dwi Saputri

4th Division (Art and Literature Division)
Head of Division : Giyasurrahman
Expert Staffs :
1. Gilang Aulia Wahdani
2. Widya Rosanita
3. Zaima Bunga Wijayanti
Staffs :
1. Bagas Ashari Arianto
2. Ervina Pitasari
3. Indah Utami Chaerunnisah
4. Karina Wahyu Ningdhia S.
5. Muhammad Asrori
6. Noha Afianti Wahyu Agustina
7. Noorlinda Ary D.A.
8. Okta Deriyanto
9. Tyas Agung Pamungkas

5th Division (Fund and Raising Division)
Head of Division : Sekar Murbarani
Expert Staffs :
1. Rani Janiarti
2. Suci Cenita Dewi
3. Zulfatin Rahmahani
Staffs :
1. Arie Endah Mangesti
2. Ayu Silvia Rosa
3. Diwyacitta Pahdarina
4. Hanifah Novisari
5. Hasna Uzzakiyah
6. Mutia Salasatun
7. Reza Haniska Azhar Wiratama
8. Syarifah Hanani

Congratulations !

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  • Currently active as the student of English Department.
  • Currently in the 1st or 2nd year of study (2013 or 2014).
  • Having commitment and responsibility. 

Download the registration form here :

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